Top 5 Best Paid Android Apps That Worth Your Money

Today we are introducing the top 5 best-paid android apps that are worth your money. For different purposes, people purchase different apps. There are many alternative android applications available but that will not give you the whole features. But if you want to pay for any app then you need to know it’s worth your money or not.

In this post, we will give you the ideal of the top 5 best-paid android apps the fully worth your money so, you defiantly need to purchase these applications for your daily work and entertainment purposes. If you know the paid apps give you more features they the normal free applications. The paid applications give you unlock all things that will help you to use extreme level things. There are lots of different applications that are used less and paid which will lose your money.

If you need to spend your money on great applications that give you amazing information and features then you are in the right place we will help you with that. You know there are lots of different apps available on the internet but no one can also find any applications is it worth it or not. Because you don’t have any chance to test the paid application and then decide to buy or not. So, in this post, we will give some information about these famous applications.

Top 5 Best Paid Android Apps

1.Netflix APP


Netflix well, everyone knows about this amazing movie streaming application. But if you don’t know then we will help you get this application. For those people who cannot live without movie tv shows and different entertainment things, this application is also the best option for those people. This application will give you all new tv shows, Tv serials, different movies and lots of different entertainment things. That any normal free application will not give you. Netflix has different paid options available but the best option is basic that will cost you around $13.99.

2. Manual Camera App
Manual Camera

As the name of this application, you will have the idea of this app. The manual camera app is taking photos. But this application will give you the new high frame picture quality. There are lots of different options that any free version will not offer you. In this came app you will get premium image quality with different editing functions. This app gives you an auto mod that will take your pictures with one shot. The manual camera application is created by Geeky Devs Studio and this will cost you $2.99. 

3. Easy Voice Recorder Pro App

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

If you have a smartphone then you defiantly have a voice recorder on your device. The normal voice recorder is available with every smartphone for free. But this easy voice recorder pro app is very easy to use this app is ad-free you just need to recode your voice without any problem. There are lots of different YouTubers who have installed this app on their smartphone to record voice for the youtube videos on this app. This application of an easy voice recorder pro will cost you $3.99.

4.TouchRetouch App


This is a touch retouch app this will give you a retouch of your picture option. Using this App you will remove unwanted things from your favorite picture. This application will give you a pro-level photo editing feature. Because if you know the paid application gives you more features and an easy way to edit your photo. This application is available within a minimum price of $2.

5. MX Player Pro App

MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is the best video player that will give you different features. There is the normal free version of the Mx player are available in the market. But the developer of MX PLAYER PRO creates the Pro version that will give you more options than the free version will not give you. If you want to purchase the pro version you need to try the normal free version first then you will get the idea of paid version that will give you extra zoom options and more HD graphics video and movie playing options. This app will cost you $5.49 available on the play store.

Closing Up Now

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