15 Best Offline Cricket Games for Android Smartphone

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Looking for Best Offline Cricket Games For Android. Games are varied important for our life and today we will give you a quick review of the best latest 15 offline cricket games let’s get started.

15 Best Offline Cricket Games

The new smartphones and gadgets have changed our life there are deffrient games available on the internet we will see that lots of new cricket and adventure game have millions of downloaders. Because most of the people spend there most of the time playing deffrient games. If you are a cricket lover then this post is very helpful for you.

Because in this post we will give you a simple review and guidance about the latest 15 best offline cricket games that you can also play where ever you want. You don’t need any internet connection to play cricket games. Because there is some cricket game availible that need an internet connection to start up.

Best Offline Cricket Games List:

1.Cricket Worldcup Fever

Cricket Worldcup Fever

This is one of the best offline games Cricket WorldCup Fever. In this game, you will get four gameplay modes if you know you are the best player and higher experience you need to play the hard mode that will give you a new kick to play the harder game. But if you are a beginner level player you differently need to play the easy mod version that will give you a starter experience of a cricket game. All games have multiplayer gameplay you can also enjoy that feature.

2. Real Cricket 19

Real Cricket 19

This is an amazing real cricket fantastic game created in 2019 and availible for on worldwide. Real Cricket game is getting very famous when it’s relating first time on Facebook platform. Some developers create the mod versions of the real cricket 19 game. Because the developer gives all things to their users in a startup for free. You can also enjoy the latest new version of this game to get unlimited money and toss winning options availible on the latest mod version of the real cricket game.

3. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

In this Cricket T20 Game, you will get new graphics that you will expect from the name of this game. If you ever play any game then you know the graphics are a very important thing in your game. Because If the graphics are not good then the all experience of your fame is not good. In this game, the developer creates a 3d graphics system. These graphics give you more visibility and a cool gaming experiance.

4.Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket

All game is amazing but this Beach Cricket game is one of my favorite game.  Beach cricket is created in 2016 and the developer of the beach game will not update his game. Now the old version is available if you want to play the beach cricket game you can also get it from the google play store. This game gives you a real-time experience. Beach cricket game is available only one version 2.5.5.

5.World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2

The world cricket championship 2 is an amazing next-generation cricket game. Every user love this adventure 3d experience game. In this world of cricket, you will have a chance to select deffrient stadiums if you love any stadium you can select and play this game in your favorite stadium.  The whole gaming fun experience gives you some deffrient angle view. you can see all team members with deffrient angles using the camera feature available on this game.

6.World Cricket Championship LT

World Cricket Championship LT

This world championship lt game gives you offline streaming for free. this game is created by the famous developer Nextwave Multimedia. the developer creates an amazing cricket game for their lovers. This game has around 50 million downloaders from worldwide. The best part of this game the developers consistently update this game and give new features and functions to their users this game is updated on Jan 18, 2021. The size of this world cricket championship Lt is 50MB.

7.Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket

The epic cricket game is created by the most popular cricket simulator developer Nazara Games Ltd. In this cricket game, you will get a high graphics system to play the game with your ultimate experiences. The sound effect of this epic cricket game is also amazing you just feel like the real crowd around you the full fun experience when your player starts through the bowl. The sound quality of an epic cricket game will give you a realistic feel as you think you are a part of this game.



The gamezop is also an application that will give you 250+ deffrient games all the games available on this app are free and offline. If you want to play cricket games that are also available on this application you can enjoy an offline cricket game. If you are a game lover and want to play deffrient offline game without using deffrient application you just need gamezop. In this application, you will enjoy your favorite game and you don’t need to connect your smartphone to any internet connection to play any game.

9.Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket Premier League

As the name of this game, we know that the cricket game has a deffrient league. You can also participate in a deffrient league and play a cricket match with your whole team. This game is available for both users online and offline. If you want to play this game offline you can also play but there are some options. That is also only available for online users. But if you don’t need more options you just need simple gameplay you need to play the offline version of Stick cricket premier league.

10.World Cricket Battle

World Cricket Battle

The old game world cricket battle is now updated with world cricket battle 2 the second generation game available on google play store. In this game, you will see the deffrient champion trophies. This game gives you the real winning experience if you win the cricket match in this game. There is a new award option that will give you some new features and a higher team option. You can select deffrient teams from worldwide by the real name.

11.Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League

The Stick Cricket Super League is an amazing champion game there are different colors in your team’s members. In this game you will have deffrient options first you can also select your team members’ colors their eye color bear and many deffrient fun experiences with team members. There are 70 deffrient players you can select your favorite players. All players have their unique skills and ability. In this game, you have an un-wear helmet option.

12.MSD: World Cricket Bash

The Official Cricket Game

This is the fun-loving game ads you can also see the name of this game is giving from the famous cricketer MSD the short form of ms dhoni the famous player all the fans of msd love this game and want to play. In this game, you will get 6 deffrient unique stadiums. If you love the snowfall you will have the option to select the snow stadium. There are some unique shorts are available if you are a fan of helicopter shot there are options to play one in the first level helicopter shot. 

13.World of Cricket

World of Cricket

The world of cricket is created in 2019 at the time of the world cup this game is also getting higher success and millions of downloaders. The last update of this game has arrived on Dec 8, 2020. Now this game complete 10 million+ downloaders on the google play store. In this game, you will get 20 deffrient unique shots. That is giving from the real cricket matches and 15 international team selection. You can also select your favorite team and their members one by one using this game.

14.Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket

As you will see the logo of this game is little fun experience gameplay. Some funny cartoons are the main characters of this game. The graphic system of this game is also pretty amazing in this game you will see the greenery all around the stadium. The doodle cricket game is created by asissuthar. There are all cricket games has deffrient sizes but this game is also the smallest in size. This doodle cricket game is available only 1.6MB in size.

15.Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

This is an Indian game created by Indian famous developer JetSynthesys Inc. If you ever watch the deffrient matches that are playing worldwide. Then you know Sachin is also an Indian cricket player. And he is also one of the best players in India. The developer creates the game in the name of his country’s famous cricket player. This is the love of a fan that will show his love for the famous cricketer. The gameplay of the Sachin saga cricket game is amazing the whole crowd and the game design all are pretty good.

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